Whatever you want, here they are
Unaware and Contactless Temperature Measurement
Fever Warning
Mask Detection
Face Recognition
Identity Verification
IC Card Verification
QR Code Verification
Entrance Guard Control
High-accuracy Quick Unaware and
Contactless Temperature Measurement


√ Accuracy:±0.4C
√ Speed:<1s √ Distance:0.4~0.6 m

Fever Warning


√ The machine outputs alarm sound when the temperature is abnormal √ External indicator lights can also be used to prompt
Mask Detection


√ Accurately identify if you are wearing a mask √ Voice alert when not wearing mask

Identity/ IC card/ QR code Verification


√ Can be connected with ID card reader, IC card reader √ Can recognize a variety of conventional QR code
Rapid Face Recognition


√ Accuracy:99%(no mask) √ Accuracy:95%(with mask) √ Speed:0.2s √ Supports face count:20000 pages √ Live testing: distinguish the mobile phone and print photos √ Working mode: offline/online √ Data storage: stored inside the camera

Entrance Guard Control


√ Open the door for different working modes √ Strict working mode: body temperature, mask, personnel identity is normal and then open the door
√ Can support various types of brake and access control
Strong and stable to meet your needs
Powerful: Integrated NPU Processor
Strong: Industrial Linux OS

Deep Artificial Intelligence Algorithm
Support for Multiple Languages
Easy to meet external needs
○ RJ45 Net Port: Connect to PC/Interne

○ USB interface: Connect Identity card reader/WIFI ○ Wiegand In: Wiegand input, connect IC card reader ○ RS485:External accessories (e.g. code reader) ○ Alarm Out1: relay switch,connect brake controller(relay) ○ Wiegand Out: Wiegand output, connect brake controller(Wiegand) ○ Alarm Out2: Alarm signal if body temperature is abnormal or blacklist, can connect the indicator light

○ Power:12V power supply

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what is missing is given from his heart,

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